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The Different Baccarat Bets
There are only three types of bets that you can make. These are Player, Banker or Tie. Each betting option has a betting spot on the baccarat table and each has a different pay off. Below we tell you all about the different bets including information on the house edge as well as what you get for a winning hand. Further down you can see a diagram of a mini baccarat table which shows you where to place your bets.

The Banker (Pays off 1 to 1 minus 5% commission)
Betting on the banker is the most popular baccarat bet. The banker bet has the lowest house advantage and favorable third card rules. Because of this you will always find that wins on the banker attract a commission deduction of 5%. If you do play the banker bet be sure to keep enough money to pay the commission at the end of the shoe or when you leave the table.

The Player (Pays off 1 to 1)
Betting on the player is the opposite to betting banker. The players hand has slightly less favorable rules when it comes to drawing the third card and also acts first. This makes for a slightly higher house advantage on the player bet when compared to the banker.

The Tie (Pays off 8 to 1)
With this bet you are aiming to see both hands end with an equal value. Unfortunately the odds of this happening are not great which leads to a house advanatge on the tie bet ove over 15%. Compared to the relatively low edge on the other two bets the tie bet is often called a sucker bet.

How To Make Each of the Bets
Each baccarat table whether it be a big table game or a mini baccarat game has a round betting area section off into seat numbers. Closest to you is the player betting area. Next furthest away is the banker area and closest to the center of the table is the tie betting area. In front of the dealer you will find chips and commission boxes. Place a bet in one of the areas to play.

On the right is an example of a mini baccarat table layout which shows the different betting areas for each player. This is the most common form of table that you will see on casino floors.

The big table baccarat game resembles two mini tables connected to each other in a horizontal figure eight shape. In Europe the betting is made with high demonination rectangular chips rather than the more common disc shaped ones.

In the US if you enter the high roller area and find the baccarat table you will often see the game being played with cash, $100 bills only and lots of them. Baccarat is afterall one of the most popular games among high rollers who routinely play over $10,000 per hand.