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Baccarat Playing Tips and Strategies
The simplest tip we can share with you is to always bet on banker. The house advantage on this bet is the lowest when compared to the other two bets. Even with the commission taken out of the wins you will have the best chance of coming out ahead if you stick to the banker bet. Please not that this is not in the short term but rather after thousand or millions of hand mathematically the banker bet will come out on top.

You will find that many players at the baccarat table keep a note of what the outcomes have been. This is in order to follow streaks or runs of outcomes. In reality this record keeping will not give you any guarantees of winning although it can be quite useful in the short term as you will occasionally find that a shoe produces a massive run of one outcome.

There are numerous baccarat systems for sale on the internet and via mail order. Unfortunately these are 100% scams as there is no way to guarantee that you will win in game that has a negative expectation in the casinos favor. The only people who make money with these systems is in fact the sellers them selves. Save your money you would spend on systems and put it all on banker – you will have a pretty good chance of winning.

One of the core features of almost all systems we have reviewed in the negative or positive progression system. In theory these systems would seem to be quite a good idea. The way they work is you bet one unit, if you lose you bet two units on the nest bet. Lose again and you bet 4 units and continue doubling your bet until you win. The theory is that eventually you will win and that will get you back to even.

The problem with this is that even the most skilled gambler will find occasions where you will have a quite a few losing bets in a row. You can quickly reach the table limits at which point you cannot continue the doubling of your bets. Plus even if you win after several losses you have not really won anything as you are basically back to even. In effect you are making a big bet to simply get back to where you started - hardly a winning strategy.

Our final tip relates to the tie bet. While it is a tempting choice with a big payout it has one of the highest house advantages of all casino games coming in at a massive 15%.Compare this with the just over 1% advantages on player and banker and you can see why it's not recommended.