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 Baccarat Terminology
In this section we cover all of the common terminology involved with the game of baccarat.Many of the worlds come from Italian and French which is where much of the game developed. Interestingly enough even after decades of the game being available in the US all of the original terminology is still used.

Translates to mean zero. When either the player or the bank hand have a total of zero this is known as baccarat. Unlike blackjack this is a negative situation.

One of the three possible bets on a standard baccarat table. Pays off 1 to 1 minus 5% banker commission. The house edge is just over 1%.

The amount of money that you have to gamble with.

Chemin de Fer
A version of baccarat that is rarely seen in the casinos of today. It is available at some European casinos but in general is only available to the high limit players

A round of play comprising of a player hand and a banker hand.

The person in charge of the drawing of the cards. When playing at the big table version the dealer position can be taken by players.

Dealing Shoe
The container from which the cards are dealt

Dragon Bonus
A side bet option for either the player or banker hand. Wins if the chosen hand wins by four or more points or a natural.

Game Supervisor
A casino employee who makes sure that the correct rules are followed.

Mini Baccarat
A popular version of casino baccarat where the dealer deals all of the cards. Mini baccarat tables tend to be on the main casino floor and offer low table limits.

A hand count of eight or nine from the first two cards dealt to a hand.

One of the three possible baccarat bets. Pays of at 1 to 1 and has a house advantage of just over 1%. Player is the opposite bet to banker.

Punto Banco
Translates literally to player banker. Punto Banco is the most widely seen version of baccarat at casinos in the US and abroad.

A side bet that is sometimes offers that gives you the opportunity to bet on a series of hands. For example you could bet on five banker hands in a row.

Table of Play
The set of rules which dictate when and if a third card will be dealt to either hand.

One of the three possible outcomes of a baccarat coup. The tie bet has the highest pay off at 8 to 1 but also comes with the highest house advantage of just under 15%.